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for Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital

Electric OR Table for Laparoscopic Surgery

Our First Patient


for Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital

Mini C-arm

3 electric exam tables

2 C-PAP Respirators

Urology Lithotripter

3 LED OR Lights

Operating Microscope

Zeiss Visu_200 Operating Microscope

for Siem Reap Provincial Hospital

Stryker Laparoscopic Tower

Experienced International Shippers

We are now experienced international shippers.  We can handle shipments by air or sea.  We are an association, Surgeons for Cambodia Association, Inc.,  & by following the rules, we import duty-free.  All imports are donated to hospitals that provide charity care.


Lifebox Pulse Oximeters from Americares

We deliver 42 pulse oximeters to 7 different facilities

We donate hernia mesh, instruments, suture, bandages, equipment.

What We Donate to Cambodia




for CMMC Jeremiah Hope Hospital

C-arm X-Ray Machine

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