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Pasteur 51 Hotel - 1st night


Sat Jan 14th Bus to Siem Reap in AM


Borei Angkor Hotel, Siem Reap 

Dinner: Marum


Mission #11

Leave USA Fri Jan 12th Arrive Phnom Penh Sat Jan 13th, 2023


Fri Jan 20th


Dinner: Jaan Bai Restaurant

Corner 2 Street and 1 1/2 Street, Battambang 02000, Battambang Province 02000

+855 78 263 144

Sat Jan 21st - Go to Phnom Penh




Pasteur 51 Hotel


Dinner: Ngon Restaurant -


Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital, Phnom Penh – the public hospital for Phnom
Penh. 800 beds. 15 OR’s. We get to use usually 3 on the 3rd floor. Laparoscopic
capabilities. I usually teach a laparoscopic surgery course for the Cambodian
surgeons. We have the capability to televise what is happening in the OR into a
classroom & communicate back & forth. Dr. Dhanda’s ObGyn group will be
joining us.


                  Dr. Theavy Mok – associate director
                  Dr. Kimsour Sakara – Chief of Surgery

In Phnom Penh we usually meet with the American Ambassador at the American


Sun Jan 22nd – Killing Fields, Toul Sleng Prison, Roya; Palace, Museum, Wat

Dinner: Iza

Mon Jan 16th

Siem Reap Provincial Hospital – The public hospital for Siem Reap. 3 OR’s. Has
laparoscopic capabilities. The usually find us some fairly complex cases.

             Dr. Em Sokhom, Chief of Surgery
             Dr. Pen Phalkum, Hospital Director

Dinner: Abacus Restaurant


Tues Jan 17th


    Dinner: (last year we were invited by Dr. Sokhom to his home for a barbeque.)

Wednesday Jan 18th Bus to Battambang

Classy Hotel, Battambang

Handa Worldmate Hospital Battambang – a NGO Hospital. Used to be Worldmate
Emergency now Handa Worldmate. This hospital is supported by the Maddox -
Pitt – Jolie Foundation (Angelina Joie). WE have a good relationship with their
country director & are hoping they can find surgical problems we can help with.
         2 OR’s. No laparoscopic capabilities.

          Dr. Max “Oum” Sovannarith – was a medical student when we first met him
years ago, he is now a dermatologic surgeon
          Dr. Simon Stock – a British surgeon I initially met on the internet.

Bat Caves

Dinner: lan Chov Khorko Miteanh Chinese Noodle Restaurant
          145, Krong, near White Rose Restaurant, Battambang 02000 Cambodia


Thurs Jan 19th


Dinner: Nary Kitchen


Mon Jan 23rd

    laparoscopic surgery course

    Dinner with Premier Hun Sen (need confirmation)

Tues Jan 24th

 US Embassy pm – Clinic

   Dinner: Romdeng




Wed Jan 25th


   Dinner: BBQ at Ratana’s house

Thurs Jan 26th

   Go to Sihanoukville


Sokha Beach Resort & Spa. Sihanoukville


Preah Sihanouk Referral Hospital, Sihanoukville - the public hospital for
Sihanoukville. 2 OR’s (? 3). No laparoscopic capabilities. Sihanoukville is on the
South China Sea & is quite lovely. Our hotel, the Sokha Beach Resort & Spa, I a
beautiful hotel on Sokha beach.

Nong Seng MD ( – medical director


Dinner: Sandan


Fri Jan 27th



Sat Jan 28th
Dinner: at our hotel - The Deck" Tapas Bar

Sun Jan 29th - Return to USA


Sun Jan 15th Angkor Wat


      Dinner: Cuisine Wat Damnak

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