Mission #10

Friday, Jan 7th , 2022 - Sunday, Jan 23rd, 2022.  This is tentative depending on quarantine requirements.

Thursday Jan 6th – depart USA for Cambodia.  Must be COVID19 negative. Must be vaccinated.

Friday Jan 7th  Arrive Cambodia. You are tested again on arrival.  Quarantine is now 7 days but you can go out so we can proceed with our mission.

If you test positive you are hospitalized.

You must have $50,000 medical insurance for foreign travel.  Surgeons for Cambodia works with companies that will provide this for us.  You will also need a $2000 deposit to cover hotel & testing.  A credit card deposit will do.  On release you will be charged only for expenses incurred.

Saturday Jan 8th – Travel to Siem Reap.

Borei Angkor Hotel  https://www.boreiangkor.com/


Friday Jan 14th

Screen patients, do cases

Saturday Jan 15th

Screen patients, do cases

Sunday Jan 16th

Go to Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital – 4 days




Pasteur 51 Hotel 

Phnom Penh  https://www.pasteur51hotel.com/ 


7pm  dinner - Friends



7pm  Dinner - Abacus Restaurant  https://restaurantabacus.com/


Monday Jan 10th

    Screen patients, do cases

      7pm dinner:  Marum Restaurant    +855 17 363 284


Open every day 11am - 11pm   (kitchen closes at 10pm)
#8A, B Phum Slokram  Siem Reap, Cambodia
Between Wat Polanka and Catholic Church


Tuesday Jan 11th

    Screen patients, Do cases    

    7pm dinner:

Wednesday Jan 12th

    Screen patients.  Do cases.

Thursday Jan 13th

Go to 16 Makara Hospital, Preah Vihear – 2 days

Green Palace Hotel, Preah Vihear


Monday Jan 17th

    Screen patients, do cases

    7pm  dinner -  

Tuesday Jan 18th

  Screen patients, do cases

    7:00pm Dinner  Ngon   http://www.ngonpnh.com/

       #60, Preah Sihanouk .Blvd, PP.

      +855 (0) 23 987 151    +855 (0) 23 987 152 


Wednesday Jan 19th

    Screen patients, do cases

    dinner -  Romdeng  http://www.tree-alliance.org/our-restaurants/romdeng.php?mm=or&sm=rd

Thursday Jan 20th

    Screen patients, do cases

    dinner - 

Friday Jan 21st


10am American Embassy - meet with the US Ambassador


dinner - 


Sunday Jan 9th

   Sunrise over Angkor Wat.  

   Tour Angkor Wat, Bayon, Ta Prohm

   4pm Balloon ride to see Angkor Wat. 

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